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Game Feature Details
Software Betsoft
Type Table Game / Lottery
Players 1
Minimum Bet $1
Maximum Bet $100
Maximum Win Pays 35:1
Starting Chips $1000
Variation American
Number of Bet Types 9
Casino Roulette


Casino Game

Casino roulette games are some of the most popular table games along with blackjack and baccarat. Roulette is a French term for little wheel and is a casino game in which players bet for money on a ball spinning on w wheel with 37 or 38 numbers and use one of 9 types of wagers to gamble. French or European roulette has 37 numbers on the wheel with a single zero. American roulette has 38 numbers with a zero and a double zero. The game was fist developed in 1700's France and has kept its current form since 1796. A roulette table consists of a betting portion covered with felt displaying a standard grid for gambling the casino chips, and at one end of the table a wheel with a croupier who spins the wheel, drops the ball, takes and pays the bets.

How to Play

You have the choice of 9 types of bets to make in roulette, each type paying odds of from 2:1 to 35:1. Types of bets are either inside or outside bets, with the difference being if they are on the numbered grid or outside it.

Inside Bets:Single number bet 35:1 - bet placed inside the number square. Split bet 17:1 - the bet is placed on the line between two adjacent numbers. Street bet pays 11:1 and is on any 3 numbers in a single horizontal line. Corner bet lies 8:1 and is a 4 number bet placed on the intersecting corners of 4 adjacent numbers. Six line or double street bet is a 6 number bet on two adjacent streets that pays 5:1. Basket 11:1, Trio and Top Line bets 6:1 are bets including the zero or double zero and the numbers 1-3.

Outside Bets:These kind of bets are used for larger groups of numbers that pay lower odds. Column bet is a bet on one of the three columns and pays 2:1, the same as a dozen bet in which you can bet the first, second or third dozen numbers in rows. Bets can be made on odd/ even numbers, black or red, and the numbers 1-18 (Manque) or 19-36 (Passe) for all 3 of these types of bets the odds are 1:1 so if you win your bet you double up.


The house edge is 3% in European roulette and 5% in American roulette, but there are always those that use strategy to turn these odds on their head. The Martingale system was popularized in 18th century France as a way to beat casino games. The strategy is simple yet risky, a player stars out with a small bet and doubles every consecutive loss until they win. The problem with the Martingale system is that you can loose all you have before a win, or the casino limit is reached. The Labrochere System is similar to Martinglae in that it advocates increasing bets for consecutive losses based on a series of numbers on a line, but again the expected value is negative. The D'Alembert System relies on starting with a small bet and adding one credit for every loss and removing one for a win. This relies on the gamblers fallacy and is not commonly used by professionals. There is also the method of hedging ones bet where one makes a risky bet and a somewhat less risky bet on the alternative outcome, While not exactly a winning combination it can extent ones bankroll long enough until hopefully you make a big win.

Famous Winners and Cheaters

Perhaps of all the well known Roulette cheaters, Joseph Jaggers may be the greatest. In 1873 himself and 6 accomplices went off to Monte Carlo and found a roulette wheel with significant bias. They went on to make a fortune of $325 000 which was huge for that time. Charles Wells, from London UK, broke the bank at every table he played at in 1891, earning the little "The Man Who Broke The Bank At Monte Carlo", when he broke the bank at a table they would put a black sheet over it until the reserves were replenished. In one rush he won 23 out of 30 consecutive spins in roulette. Ashley Revell of London UK sold his possessions and bet $135 k on one spin of the roulette wheel in Vegas at The Plaza. He bet red, doubled his money and walked away.

Real Money

Play casino roulette online for real money on either desktop PC's and Mac computers or mobile casinos using iPhone or Android. Computerized games have random number generators that are certified by third party auditors to ensure fairness. Live dealer games have the wheels professionally calibrated to ensure they are balanced. Live dealer roulette is an exiting way to enjoy a professional hostess that you can interact with just like a real dealer. Real money roulette online is played at recommended online casinos that have a variety of deposit methods and fast payouts of winnings. Popular casino deposit methods include Paypal, VISA, Neteller, Master Card, Skrill and Ukash. Real money play online offers an added benefit in the form of casino deposit match bonuses.

High Stakes

High stakes roulette bets can be made at your online casino but for the highest limits play the live dealer games. One of the largest single roulette bets was Ashley Revell who bet $135 000 and doubled his money. High stakes players in Vegas, Monte Carlo and Macau have special VIP tables and even private rooms for the big time gamblers. If your online casino does not offer high enough stakes for you, request the stakes from customer service, you may be pleasantly surprised and get your chance to win big.

Online Casino

The best casino to play online roulette varies by country with one top online casino for the USA and another for the rest of the world theses are the very best of comparative establishments and are 100% safe and secure. Americans can play the best roulette games at Slots.LV. Filled with casino slots and offers some of the best casino table games anywhere, plus the long standing reputation of bodog behind it. Players from the UK, Canada and the rest of the world take a chance on out #1 recommendation for online and mobile roulette at bet365 casino. They also have some of the best live dealer roulette tables to be found.


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